Josie and Ginny

Painting 6

One thing I learned from my cats while growing up is that sunspots are an awesome place to nap!  Josie and Ginny are no exception to this rule, as they found a warm patch of sun to share on the back of their couch.

Josie and Ginny are two cats that were adopted by one of my family members, and they are both greatly loved!  Last summer, I was asked to create this portrait of them as a surprise present for their owner.  Ginny is the calico cat, and Josie is the orange tabby.

I loved painting this image because of how relaxed and content the cats were.  The venetian blinds and a plaid pattern on the pillows also gave me a welcome challenge, as I’ve never painted them before.

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6 thoughts on “Josie and Ginny

    • Hi Kelsey…it’s Steve, the owner of the cats. My wife and I loved your painting; we thought it captured them perfectly! The painting is now hanging on the wall of the very room shown in the painting. It’s funny to see the cats and the painting and the same time. It’s sort of like living and/or interactive art. (Or something like that…) Sometimes, they’ll end up posing as they were in the picture. Again, we really loved it!

      Also, I need to offer a correction: Josie is the blonde cat and Ginny is the calico.

      • Hi Steve, I’m so glad that you and your wife love the painting! That sounds fun seeing the cats with the image. Thank you so much for letting me know that Josie and Ginny’s names were switched, I’ll fix that right away. I’m so happy that you like it!

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