White-Breasted Nuthatch

Nuthatch Painting

One of my favorite sights when birding is seeing a Nuthatch crawling upside down along a tree trunk, hunting for food.  I see these birds around the city, in urban parks as well as more remote locations like the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge.  White-Breasted Nuthatches are an avian species native to North America.

This painting is the loose copy of a photo taken by Alex Zorach in Newark, Delaware.  Alex is a knowledgeable birder, who has donated a group of his bird photos to me.  I recommend looking at his website, as he shares many of his photos and knowledge online.

Alex and I both record the data from our birding trips with eBird, a valuable resource for bird tracking run by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Birders who record their data on eBird contribute to the study of bird species and conservation efforts around the world.


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