Red-winged Blackbird Females

Red-Winged Black Birds

I was excited to paint this image! This picture seemed special to me, two girls enjoying a calm day by the water. Unlike boldly colored males, the subtle coloring of these females lets them hide in the reeds.

Red-winged Blackbirds, an avian species native to North and Central America, love to spend time in reeds, grassy fields, and meadows. They are a common sight for me in Philadelphia; I see them mostly in the marshes at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge, on the banks of the Schuylkill River, and occasionally at Cobbs Creek Park.

This painting is the copy of a photo taken in Newark, Delaware.  These birds were found by a drainage pond on the University of Delaware’s campus.  It’s amazing what can become habitat in tight spaces!  I’ve posted the picture below to illustrate the similarities between the photo and my painting, but I encourage you to check out the original webpage linked above as well.



Waiting for a Walk

Dogs for Blog

One of my favorite things growing up were the kitty stretches I would see when my cat was begging to go outside.   Whenever I stood by our glass slider, my cat would join me, balancing on her back toes stretching her front paws waist level next to me on the glass.  I feel like these dogs are sharing my cat’s sentiments, and can almost hear their thoughts:  “can we go out now? please??”

I was excited to get this commission from my usual hairdresser at Talking Headz in Philadelphia, after getting on the subject of art during my latest trim.  Lesson learned: commissions can turn up in the least expected places!

Maine and Miss Midnight


Receiving commissions is one of my favorite things, and this was the painting that started them all in Philadelphia!

Last fall, my friend Tori, of Tori Collins Photography, commissioned this portrait of her longtime kitty friends, Maine and Miss Midnight.  This painting rejuvenated my interest in pursuing painting as a career, and here I am today with several more commissions under way.  Thanks a bunch, Tori!