Mr. Tumnus


Ideas for this tongue-in-cheek piece began last October, when a friend commissioned me for a portrait of her pet pug, Mr. Tumnus.   My friend wanted Tumnus to be regal and proper, reminiscent of Percy the Pug from Disney’s Pocahontas.

Together, we brainstormed Mr. Tumnus’ portrait as a mixture of High Renaissance Art with a Percey-esque theme.   I responded by capturing an image of him standing on a cushy red pillow and wearing a blue cape and floppy black hat.  His outfit and stance were loosely inspired by the clothing and backwards glance of Italian Renaissance banker and art enthusiast Bindo Altoviti in the portrait of Altoviti by Raphael.  The rose and muted tones of my painting were also inspired by other Renaissance portraits.


Portrait of Bindo Altoviti by Raphael, c. 1514. Author: Attilios. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

This has to be one of my favorite pieces in a long time;  it’s a refreshing take on my usual pet portraits!


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