1) Ordering a Painting/Requesting a Commission

Please use my contact form to send me a private message discussing purchasing options, prices, and commission ideas.

2) Payment Accepted

I am currently taking local transactions in the Philadelphia area, which are cash only.  Online payment options will be available soon.

3) Shipping

This section is under construction.  Shipping information will be available when my online payment section is created.

4) Image Use

Anyone can use my image for personal online sharing, as long as I am credited for the creation of my paintings.  Any requests for use of my images in online and paper publications must be made through my contact form.   Use of my images for publication extends only to my independently created works, all commissioned pieces are the property of the commissioner.  The only exception to my policy for commissioned paintings is if the commissioner grants permission for reproduction.  If there are any questions about these policies, send me a private message via my contact form.

5) Donations

I plan to donate 30% of the income from my independently created nature paintings to local parks and wild areas.  Because I am operating in Philadelphia at this time, this policy currently extends only to Philadelphia area parks.  For questions regarding this policy, send me a private message in my contact form.